The Torn Project is a rich resource

to help us understand and work through our inner conflicts.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of the second phase of the creation of The Torn Projecct.

The first phase began during the lockdown of 2020, when I realised that inner conflict is a challenge often unrecognised or addressed. I started gathering what I already knew and what I could discover about what inner conflict is, how it happens, and how to resolve it.

The second phase is happening now, as people share their stories – and as those stories help me understand what resources people want in order to stop being torn.

The third phase will see this website offering those resources. I’ll be populating the site with content from the share-worthy material I’ve created, collected and curated.

But first, I want to hear people’s stories. And through those stories, I want to discover what’s really needed… so we can all be less torn.