When did you last feel ‘torn’?
At odds with yourself. Divided. Undecided. Conflicted.

I’m fascinated by how we get to feel like this, how we get to feel ‘torn’.

I’m even more fascinated by how we stop feeling that way. How do we make peace with our inner conflicts, get back to alignment, to harmony, to balance?

I want to help people understand and resolve inner conflict. So I’m gathering a rich range of insights and solutions – from psychology, from philosophy, from individuals, from global cultural wisdom, and from my own 40 years’ work as a coach and teacher. These resources will become The Torn Project, launched later this year.

But before launch, I want more of the most important element – hearing directly from people who are or who have been torn. I want to hear more stories.

I’d love to hear your story.

Why might you want to share? Maybe because you’re curious about the project… want to understand and resolve your experiences… want to help others understand and resolve.

How will I use what you share? To appreciate even more deeply what it means to be torn. To guide the resources I offer through The Torn Project. To inspire and support people who turn to the project for understanding and resolution.

Here’s reassurance. You can remain absolutely anonymous – no need even to give your name or email. If you do give details I will protect those. I will only use your story to make general points. I will change all personal information. You can read my privacy policy here.

As thanks, I’ll gift you some of the ideas about inner conflict that I think are share-worthy.

So please tell me your story by answering the five questions I’m asking about your experience of being torn.